PUPPIES in the PARK 2020, for Pups Under 19 weeks

We're taking our favorite puppy school topics and formats outside and around Seattle!

Happy Puppy



This 2 hour small-group course touches on all the major milestones and groundwork for a well-rounded, successful path through the exciting but sometimes crazy-making puppy months.

In it we get to know you and your puppy and cover:

Potty Training & Chew Training

Mouthing & Biting

Discipline v. Punishment

Manners & Self-Regulation

What's with "Socializing?"

Interpreting Behavior 101

Aggression & Anxiety-Prevention 101

Energy Outlets

Lots more!



Personalized Q & A

The Foundations portion of the workshop answers a lot of questions, but it always generates more.


Because we know that every family is unique, we'll collect personalized information during registration to not only make sure the foundations session is relevant and complete, but that the included the included hour-long Q & A period gets to the specific topics relevant to you and your family.


We'll consider your entire family unit, schedules,

 new COVID-related realities and so on, and focus on areas needing some personalized attention.


You'll leave the workshop with actionable, effective strategies you can implement immediately, all tailored to your unique lifestyle.

Personalized Q & A Session


Join us for a special series of workshops and personalized Q&A sessions with NWSCS Founder/Director, Cristine Dahl and team. Covid-19 restrictions mean we get to step away from usual operations to do what we love best; work directly with puppy-and-people families.

Throughout summer we've scheduled several outdoor workshops, each with a foundational set of tools and information designed with behaivor in mind, paired with an hour-long personalized Q & A session with each workshop.

We'll cover developmental phases, proper exposures, behavior, dog/dog social etiquette and challenges, house training, chewing, puppy biting, and so on, with a heavy focus on manners, self-regulation, and a lifestyle with a dog, not a series of training tasks.

This format is Covid-Phase compliant, and we have implemented measures and processes to keep that standard in place.

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Northeast Seattle



4103 NE 65th St, Seattle, WA 98115

Easily accessible with ample street parking in neighborhood setting. Convenient for Bryant, Maple Leaf, View Ridge, Wedgwood, Sand Point, Laurelhurst, Windermere, Hawthorne Hills


North Seattle


Greenlake Park

East Greenlake Drive North, Seattle, WA 98115

*exact location provided via email after registration.

Easily accessible with ample street parking in neighborhood setting. Convenient for Phinney, Greenwood, Wallingford, Roosevelt


West Seattle


 Delridge Park

4458 Delridge Way SW, Seattle, WA 98106

Centrally located and easily accessible from I-90 and I-5, ample street parking. Convenient for Capitol Hill, West Seattle, Beacon Hill, Mt. Baker, Rainier Valley


Bryant Park