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The only dog behavior professional certification program in the USA conducted entirely in person.

Seattle & Olympia


"Attending NWSCS was one of the most enlightening, joyful, and camaraderie-rich experiences of my life. The dog behavior skills and education I gained at NWSCS have proven an invaluable catalyst for me as I embark in the field of dog behavior. Cristine Dahl's methods perfectly employ not only science and logic, but empathy for both dogs and humans. I fully recommend her program to everyone and anyone considering a career as a dog trainer, behavior expert, or rescuer." 

 Mia B.,Mega Hearts


The NWSCS is Different

The NWSCS is designed for those interested in behavior modification of the companion dog rather than just training.  While we value and teach training foundations such as obedience, manners, and control, we do so only as a function of how those behaviors contribute to a dog's overall behavioral soundness and success.

Dog AND Owner

While all trainers and behavior modification practitioners love working with dogs, their human partners have been greatly ignored in the professional landscape. We study and apply cutting-edge behavior techniques to support a partnership between dog and owner, focusing on rock-solid communication and coaching support.







JEAN DONALDSON, Director, The SFSPCA Academy for Dog Trainers, Author of The Culture Clash, Oh Behave!, and Dogs are from Neptune says:
 “Seattle is a city of thinking, sophisticated people and so it’s very fitting that Cristine Dahl has given it Seattle Dogworks. Cristine’s methods are science-based, on the cutting edge, and completely dog and people friendly.”


Dr. JAMES HA, Research Associate Professor, University of Washington, Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist says:
“Cristine is wonderful ambassador for the application of educational and scientifically-based behavior research.  She has become a highly-prized colleague of mine here in the Pacific Northwest, a fellow professional with whom I can refer cases in need of a high-quality trainer. In addition to her strong professional background, Cristine is an excellent teacher, which is probably the most important characteristic of a successful dog trainer.  She has a true genius for conveying difficult, and sometimes technical, information in a way the average dog owner can understand and she conveys not only the immediate concept but the underlying principle as well.”


REBECCA ROPER, President, APDTNZ says:
“APDT New Zealand was extremely fortunate to have Cristine Dahl as a speaker at our annual conference in June 2018 where she debuted her Whole Dog and Leadership program. Her ideas were thought provoking, enlightening and exceeded our expectations. She gently pushed us outside of our comfort zones to help us grow as trainers and as people. Cristine was an absolute pleasure to work with and is a highly entertaining and engaging speaker. She certainly left us wanting more! We look forward to having her speak again.”

Trainer Health

The NWSCS recognizes the need to support practitioners in a field that has a high burnout, low wellness rate. While students receive a top notch education in canine behavior and client management, the program also integrates activities, material, coaching, and education promoting emotional health and career longevity.








Seattle Area Puget Sound Location

Our  SEATTLE lecture section is held in a comfortable private satellite/auxiliary classroom off hwy 99 on Dexter Ave N., with easy access and ample off-street parking. Hands-on sections, also in Seattle, are held mostly outside. Exact locations of the classroom provided upon completion of registration, and hands-on times provided after the first day of class. 

Our OLYMPIA lecture section is held at the main South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC) campus , with hands-on sections at one of the two properties run by the school, also in Olympia. DUE TO COVID-19 OLYMPIA COURSES ON HOLD UNTIL 2022.

The NWSCS lecture and activity sections operate in a classroom setting. All hands-on sections are held mostly outside.

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