Puppyhood is a magical time; puppy breath, joyful play, exploration, snuggles. The period right after that is...


Workshops run for 4 hours each, dates and available times listed on the registration page. $249

Runaway Ridgeback? Forgetful Frenchie ? Possessed Pittie?

Join us in West Seattle for adolescent workshops!

6-13 months

Owners of the adolescent dog face a brand new set of challenges.

The sleepy pup of a few months ago has morphed into a wild child in a bigger, uncoordinated body.


New and excessive barking, inconsistent response to behavior cues, potty regression, social problems around other dogs, unruly leash behavior, in-home destruction, embarrassing manners at home and out (holy jumping!), and desperately terrible response to recall.

This crucial developmental phase can be compared, behaviorally and physiologically, to human PUBERTY.

< gulp >

We've put together a series of half-day workshops with fun, effective information and exercises to address our clients' most common teenage-dog challenges.


When registering you'll be asked to provide individualized information about your dog and his family.  We'll then use that info to tailor the workshop itself, and prepare for a personalized Q & A section, included in each workshop.


This isn't training; it's modifying behavior, both human and canine. Our approach remains the same as always; to create a lifestyle in which people can succeed, dogs don't have to "fit in" but are an "add", and families don't just love one another, but actually really like each other.

Delridge Park in West Seattle

4458 Delridge Way SW, Seattle, WA 98106



selective hearing

pushing boundaries

jumping... and jumping... more jumping

leash behavior

excessive barking


safety strategies

potty training inconsistencies







Because of COVID restrictions, your dog won't attend this particular event, but we do want to know all we can about him/her during registration. With the individualized answers provided, we can better tailor the material presented and address specific challenges during the Q&A section.

Workshops run for 4 hours each, dates and available times listed on the registration page.


Lead by our internationally-renowned behavior expert, Cristine Dahl.