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"How does one fit a lifetime’s worth of rekindled purpose and passion into a testimonial? I came to NWSCS with 4+ years’ experience working with dogs with the intention of pursuing a career that better served the growth of human/canine relationships.  Let me be the first to tell you: It doesn’t matter if you have 1 year or 10 years’ experience with dogs, because experience just isn’t enough. At NWSCS you will receive an avalanche of new information, methods, and mindsets that will leave you speechless and simultaneously craving more.  In addition to a top-notch education, you will also have the opportunity to engage and share in the tenacious spirit Cristine brings to every class. Her dedication is infectious, and her ability to create an environment that encourages healthy debate and discussion around difficult topics is unprecedented in my education experience. If you feel this sense of insatiable purpose and pull by a career with canines but aren’t sure where to begin, look no further. " -- Kayla M., 2016

"Attending NWSCS was one of the most enlightening, joyful, and camaraderie-rich experiences of my life.The dog behavior skills and education I gained at NWSCS have proven an invaluable catalyst for me as I embark in the field of dog behavior. Cristine Dahl's methods perfectly employ not only science and logic, but empathy for both dogs and humans. I fully recommend her program to everyone and anyone considering a career as a dog trainer, behavior expert, or rescuer." -- Mia B., 2016

"I intend to fully support the growing endeavors of the NWSCS because I can think of no better way to improve the lives of dogs (and their humans) everywhere. The Northwest School of Canine Studies program is unlike anything else I came across while searching for curriculum about our canines. I wanted to find an accredited course offering an education that would truly benefit those I helped. I'd boldly say it is the only program worth its weight in gold. How marvelous it was to be in a room full of dog-crazy knowledge lovers! Cristine's cheerful passion made every class better than the last, and many of us stayed in during breaks to keep talking because we couldn't get enough. Her hilariously straightforward skills as a speaker kept us all engaged--how often is it that no one nods off in a 3 hour course? Rather, we wondered how a "well-known" species could be so behaviorally ignored while being a part of our families There was a never-ending wealth of science-backed behavior analysis, often prompting healthy debate among us students. Every video, slide, lecture, game, and discussion was relevant & fascinating. After graduation, the famous community of grads reached out to us with open arms offering internships, volunteer positions, and opportunities to get connected into whatever field you were passionate for. The level of human-focused attention this community extends is one of a kind. . GO TEAM" -- -Melissa H., 2015

"NWSCS is going to cause a positive training revolution. I had been working in rescue, walking and sitting dogs for years. Working alongside happy, problem and abused dogs I wanted to serve and love them stronger.  After completion of Cristine Dahl's program I am certain that this was the best possible program for me and aspiring dog lovers wishing to go further in the field.

Cristine is an incredible, energetic and passionate person for both dogs and people. I honestly can not sing her praises enough. Her lesson plans and knowledge filled everything I was hoping to learn and more. The course was both fun and challenging. If you ever needed help or were struggling with a concept, a classmate was always willing and wanting to help you. I will forever be grateful for that.  I looked forward to going to class every Saturday to talk about dogs for hours. The discussions our class had were difficult at times but compassion and an open mind at the forefront helped you get through the tough days.  If the lectures weren't great enough the hands on portion was a valuable learning experience and joy. To see my classmate and myself put their knowledge to action was so impressive. I feel my relationship and understanding of my Beagle Bentley to be stronger than ever.
In short, you will not be disappointed with anything this course has to offer. I am taking this knowledge out with me on my move to Hawaii. "
Jean C., 2016

"Go to the source. Go to the standard. There is nothing that comes close to the program.This program is not the cookie cutter, assembly line structure of online dog trainer schools. Cristine has developed a curriculum that is fortified by the most robust, recent research on canine behavior, which is delivered in person by Cristine herself. The information is not diluted or interpreted by a vast group of "almost as good as" instructors. Cristine invests as much of herself as she expects from her students. She rigorously screens every candidate to create a diverse and dynamic group of peers who will challenge and support each other throughout the program and in their professional endeavors. You'll be grateful because the program is intense. Richard will also inspire you, not because he's twelve feet tall, has a resonant voice and a mustache, but because he embodies the standard of success and accountability represented in results you can measure. Are you successful? Well, can you measure and demonstrate progress that leads to your desired goal? Then you have answered your question, and Richard will give you everything you need to get there without force or intimidation (toward you or the dog)."-- Sandy H., 2015

"I feel like a veil has been lifted. Remember that scene in the movie The Matrix after Neo wakes up and he's learning everything really fast by being plugged into that big computer?  And one time they unplug him,  he wakes up and says, "I know Kung Fu."  That's what graduating from the NWSCS was like for me.  It felt like... waking up. The skill set that I have gained from this school has opened up for me more possibilities than I even knew existed in the canine field.  The amount of information gained in such a short time was staggering.  Having next to no professional experience with dogs before attending the school, I now feel confident that I could excel in a number of different canine related professions.  One of the things I loved most about Cristine Dahl's school was her emphasis on YOUR personal mission.  Before school started, I went in thinking that afterward I would just be a dog trainer, whatever that meant to me at the time.  But this school is much more than just giving you the tools to train dogs.  Cristine's philosophy and fearless  passion for what she does is infectious. The curriculum is all cutting edge and rooted in science while ALWAYS putting the dog's well being first. There is nothing left up to interpretation.  It really IS like stepping out of The Matrix.  I feel like a veil has been lifted.  I am now driven to make a serious positive impact on dog culture in America.  And i owe my sense of purpose and direction to Cristine Dahl and the Northwest School of Canine Studies.  Thank you, Cristine! --Sean M., 2015

"To say that the program at NWSCS was life changing would be the understatement of the century.  I had an idea going in that the program was more than obedience, and had an in depth focus on canine behavior.  No one could have prepared me for how in depth, or how much we would learn about not just helping dogs and their owners, but how to help and take care of ourselves. Cristine and Richard gave us every advantage in this career as they could. They did it with an unparalleled enthusiasm and commitment to the students and to the community. I can’t believe how much my relationship with my own dogs has grown since taking the class…I can’t wait to see how much stronger it will get since I decided to take the leap and enroll."--Eric S., 2016

The NWSCS has a graduate base of roughly 80 students, and only the most recent testimonials are provided here. If you wish to speak with a graduate of the NWSCS personally, please contact us to obtain a list of available grads.