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Taught by respected author, trainer, and canine behavior expert, Cristine Dahl,  Canine Studies is the core program offered by the NWSCS.

The school today focuses heavily on developing handler abilities and understanding as the foundation for canine connection. This revolutionary approach explores both the science and art of dog behavior modification, and shifts focus from obedience and micromanagement to trust, space, and regard.

The result is whole-dog soundness anchored in lifestyle training;  that which gives rise to improved basic and advanced behavior that lasts.

CAnine Studies



▪  classical and operant conditioning
▪  understanding and interpreting behavior
▪  biological significance of behavior in the domestic dog
▪  cultural and contemporary influences on the field
▪  in-class behavior assessment and  modification instruction
▪  identification, determination, and treatment of common
    behavior problems

▪  whole dog behavior approach

▪  reactivity & aggression NEW!

▪  temperament assessments and complexities NEW!

▪  puppies and puppy development
▪  breed-specifics and ethological needs
▪  self-development practices
▪  ethics in managing behavior and self-care NEW!

 ▪ animal learning theory
▪  contemporary method comparisons
▪  intro to marker training techniques
▪  general manners, obedience, and relevance

▪  connection and leadership
▪  other