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Taught by respected author, trainer, and canine behavior expert, Cristine Dahl, this program focuses heavily on the science of canine behavior and animal learning theory. 

To elevate the professional standard to which experts in the canine behavior field are held, the Northwest School of Canine Studies was founded for those interested in or currently part of the canine behavior landscape.   The goal of the program is to facilitate the evolution of the behavior modification profession by empowering those in the field with the knowledge and ethical foundation necessary to effectively, compassionately, and successfully improve the canine and human bond.

hands-on training option includes:

classroom material includes:


▪  classical and operant conditioning
▪  understanding and interpreting behavior
▪  evolution and history of training in the US
▪  cultural and contemporary influences on the field
▪  mock behavior cases both basic and advanced
▪  identification, determination, and treatment of
    behavior problems

▪  whole dog behavior approach NEW!

▪  reactivity & aggression NEW!
▪  temperament assessments and complexities NEW!
▪  puppies and puppy development
▪  breed-specifics and bullies NEW!
▪  counseling practices
▪  critical thinking
▪  ethics and self-care NEW!
▪  private and public teaching techniques
▪  business techniques

▪  animal learning theory in training
▪  method comparisons
▪  intro to marker training techniques
▪  complex marker training techniques
▪  classroom instruction
▪  general manners, obedience, and relevance
▪  handling and management
▪  cue sequencing and proofing

▪  regard and negative space

▪  connection and leadership
▪  other