JEAN DONALDSON Director, The SFSPCA Academy for Dog Trainers, Author of The Culture Clash, Oh Behave!, and Dogs are from Neptune says:
 “Seattle is a city of thinking, sophisticated people and so it’s very fitting that Cristine Dahl has given it Seattle Dogworks. Cristine’s methods are science-based, on the cutting edge, and completely dog and people friendly.”

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DR. JAMES HA, Research Associate Professor, University of Washington, Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist says:
“Cristine is a wonderful ambassador for the application of educational and scientifically-based behavior research. She has become a highly-prized colleague of mine here in the Pacific Northwest, a fellow professional with whom I can consult on cases and to whom I can refer cases in need of a high-quality trainer. In addition to her strong professional background, Cristine is an excellent teacher, which is probably the most important characteristic of a successful dog trainer. She has a true genius for conveying difficult, and sometimes technical, information in a way the average dog owner can understand and she conveys not only the immediate concept, but the underlying principle as as well.”

JANIS BRADLEY, Author of Dogs Bite but Balloons and Bedroom Slippers are More Dangerous says:
“Every great city in the country needs a place like Seattle Dogworks, where cutting edge, scientifically grounded training methods are presented in a way that supports the needs of people and dogs alike, enhancing the bonds between them.”


Founded in 2006, the NWSCS is internationally recognized as an institution of excellence in canine behavior theory and practice. By bringing a liberal arts approach to science-based programs, attendees enjoy the most cutting-edge offerings focused on the advancement of the human/canine relationship.

Today, the NWSCS is positioned as a global hub for the ever-evolving field of canine behavior and training.  With a strong leadership team of experts, skilled hands-on practitioners, and community involvement from all over the world, the NWSCS is dramatically impacting the daily lives of people and dogs in companionship, sport, breed-specific form/function, human support, and connection.